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Welcome to the Dragonlaire Wiki

Dragonlaire is a Role-Playing Server for Minecraft


Dragonlaire is true Rp for Minecraft. Players take on the roles of Warriors or Wizards or Fighters or Scholars. They can join kingdoms which fight for Land, Power, Wealth, and Influence throughout. People can worship the gods of different regions or become Economists and start their own Shops.


1. OOC is for out of game chat only. Do not abuse. Repeated offense can result in ban from the channel
2. No Vulgarity towards another person in OOC. (this can result in a ban from the channel)
3. No Griefing Ever. (This excludes minor griefing for RP purposes)
4. Admin's words are final.
5. Do not ask items from Staff ever. (this includes death by glitch compensation)
6. Do not threaten to do anything to damage the server. This will result in immediate ban.
7. Don't build unrealistic things. This is an RP server.
8. Use /helpop for Help. Not OOC. (Abusing OOC or Help can result in ban from the channel)
9. No modified clients or texture packs that enhances game-play. (x-ray, speed hack)

10. No advertising. This includes posting the ip address of other servers. This includes chat or courier.
11. Blocky houses can be removed without notice.
12. No racism ever.
The exception to this rule is, obviously, RP races
13. Do not exploit.

===PVP Rules===
1. All PvP must have RP purpose.
2. When a player dies for his crimes then all RP value is lost to kill again.
3. A petty crime does not merit a death penalty.
4. Spawn or DT Nest camping is not allowed. Only exception is if a donator flies down upon you and you are at war with him.
5. Towns anti-up their allegiance when going to war.
6. Wars are a week long. Admins determine win or loss in wars.
7. Kings must agree to a war.

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